Privacy Policy

IMI Co., Ltd. (hereinafter IMI) the operator of this website (hereinafter the Site) protects the personal data of its clients to the greatest extent possible. In order that clients may use the Site securely, IMI has formulated a privacy policy, and treats all personal data received on this Site in strict accordance with that policy. So that we may provide clients with the best possible service, IMI will take all precautions to prevent any leaking of personal data belonging to its clients.

Personal data

To view this Site, it is normally not necessary for a client to provide such personal data as name and address. This site contains a mailing form for questions. If this is used for questions, only the minimum amount of personal information will be required.

Third parties

IMI will not reveal any personal data to any third party without the consent of the client. However, such information may be provided without client consent when required by law, or when requested by a court, the police or any other public institute.

Secure protection of personal data

IMI has an administrator in place to oversee all personal data and prevent any leaks to outside parties. IMI takes appropriate and thorough measures to prevent any danger of loss, disruption or manipulation of personal data by outside sources.

Protection at linked sites

IMI does not take responsibility for protection of personal data on sites linked to from this Site. Clients are advised to check on their own the privacy policy of sites to which they link.