Creating New Relationships
between People and Space

Through the development and supply of new types of materials, we create ideal interfaces between people, their environment and materials involved. We envision beautiful new ideas in the creation of space, and employ new technologies that take full advantage of their beauty. True to our name, Inter Material Institute undertakes the challenges of material development with an approach that combines advanced technology and refined insight.

Creating Space that
Optimizes Value

Space that is that is ideal for business. Space that is comfortable. Space that is welcoming. The truth is, “space” has a number of functions, and the challenge of good design is to optimize space for each of its many functions. As a first step, since the psychology of people has a great affect on the selection of wall materials alone, IMI makes use of advanced printing and processing technology to assure optimum design quality for materials used in new spaces. What’s more, advanced IT technology is drawn upon to create complex next-generation spaces. All this and more ensures IMI’s leadership in space value creation.

Bringing the Realms of Specialization Together

In order to continually improve the quality of our total product value and services, we have separate divisions for Design / Planning & Development, Technology & Quality Control, Production & Division Management and Consulting operations. Within each division, we undertake superior analysis, proposals and communication operation with the aim of achieving the ultimate synergy. This approach takes full advantage of our accumulated technology and expertise so that we can perform superior consulting operations both domestically and internationally. It is this strong reliance on synergy between divisions that helps us optimize our “value chain” in a broad range of activities.





We Find What We Are Looking For in Nature

Most of the wall and flooring materials produced by IMI bear forms and patterns of motifs commonly found in nature. Living things in nature and the ways they are structured give rise to important new innovations. This type of “biomimicry”* takes its cues from forms found in nature, and subsequently employed in matrixes to meet a wide variety of needs and applications.